Environment Pledge

… I pledge to…. … to be partners in conducting environmentally friendly operations in our hotels, resorts and restaurants and pledge to undertake certain specific actions mentioned below:

1. STATIONERY & OTHER PUBLICITY MATERIAL ON RECYCLED PAPER: We will introduce the use of recycled paper for our stationery and other publicity items such a sbrochures, menu cards, etc. and establish a recycling programme.
2. POLYTHENE BAGS: We will convert wherever possible from the use of polythene bags to paper bags, cloth bags and other alternatives.
3. ALTERNATE SOURCE OF ENERGY FOR FUEL: Where possible, we will convert to solar power such as solar heating and lighting etc. to reduce the use of thermal electricity.
4. GARBAGE DISPOSAL: We will introduce the system of separating recyclable and non-recyclable garbage emanating from our operations and dispose
non-biodegradable garbage in a responsible way, so as not to harm the local environment. 5. WATER CATCHMENT & TREATMENT: Wherever possible we would recycle water by incorporating water treatment schemes. We will also make storage and catchments facilities for rainwater to be used for our operations.
6. ECOLODGES & RESORTS: We pledge to conserve the ecology, animal and bird life of the area our properties are located in.
7. PLANTATION OF SAPLINGS: We will encourage plantation of saplings and greening of the local environment.
8. ALTERNATE USE OF FUELS: We will limit the burning of firewood and use alternate sources of fuel for both cooking and heating.
9. USE OF LOCAL ETHNIC MATERIALS IN CONSTRUCTION OF PROPERTIES: In keeping with the local landscaping, we will incorporate architectural styles typical to the area, thus blending harmoniously with the local environment.
10. EMPLOYMENT OF LOCAL COMMUNITIES: Wherever possible, we will use local employment for our business to enhance the economy of our area.

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