Environmental Pledge of India

In keeping with the tenets of ecotourism, India has decided that the Environmental Pledge will be honoured as far as environmental activities are concerned. The following are the principal aspects of the environmental pledge:

  • All stationery and various kinds of publicity material will be made only on paper that has been recycled. The ministry of tourism has also pledged itself to implement a recycling program for all its activities.

  • As far as possible, the use of polythene bags will be avoided as far as tourism related activities are concerned. Plastic is non-biodegradable and a single polythene bag might take up to centuries for decomposing. Each tourist is putting in his or her effort in conserving nature when they use a cloth or paper bag to carry consumables.

  • Another important area where eco friendliness of tourism is reflected is in the use of power and its generation. The environmental pledge makes it concomitant for the tourists as well as the tourism practitioner to utilize environment friendly forms of power like solar energy or wind turbines.

  • A related area of concern, from the point of view of eco friendliness, is the care and attention given to the judicious use of water resources. Recycling of used water, installation of active rain water harvesting systems, use of toilets where the amount of water needed is comparatively less, etc., are some of the important initiatives possible in this area.

  • Along with this has to be mentioned the concern that ecotourism projects should have as for protection and conservation of biodiversity and plant and animal life. For this purpose, afforestation activities like planting of tree saplings, medicinal plants etc., will be given more prominence in tourism sites. The use of fire wood for heating purposes will be severely curtailed. Use of eco-friendly, non plant materials for landscaping, interior designing etc., is also part of the environment pledge in this area.

  • Segregation of waste is an important part of activities in eco-friendly tourism projects. Only bio-degradable waste materials will be buried at the sites or used form making compost manure etc. Non bio-degradable waste, if any, will be taken to other facilities nearby for scientific disposal.

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