DOs and DONTs for Tourists

  • Travel light and do not carry any valuables except camera and binoculars. By reducing the weight of luggage one can significantly cut green-house as emissions
    Dress in colours that blend with the natural environment Carry medicines for common ailments
    Trekkers must use jungle boots for safety.
  • Learn a few words of the local language and use them.
  • Observe the sanctity of holy sites, respect local customs. Be respectful of local citizen’s privacy.
  • Do not litter. Dispose waste responsibly. Leave the campsites litter free before departing.
  • Do not take away flora in the form of cuttings, seeds or roots. Seek permission or purchase from campsite nurseries.
  • Do not feed wild animals.
  • Nature Camp sites are No Smoking Zones.
  • Do not light fires or smoke inside camp site.
  • Accidental forest fires cause irreparable damage.
  • Carry a notebook, flashlight, road maps and compass.
  • Don’t engage in overly aggressive bargaining for souvenirs. Pay the fair price.
  • Turn off all the lights, fan, geyser and air conditioner / heater when you leave your room and unplug unnecessary appliances.
  • Utilize public transportation and alternative modes of transportation (walking, bicycle, non-motorised vehicles, horse, camel) as much as possible. It is a more sustainable way to get around, and also a healthier and more enjoyable way to get to know the place you are visiting.
  • Use the minimum amount of water needed for a shower / bath, don’t let water run while shaving, brushing or washing.
  • Reuse your towels and bed sheets by placing the card to indicate you don’t wish to have them washed every day.
  • Wherever possible, utilize options that do not required batteries. Buy rechargeable batteries for your essential travel items such as cameras, razors, and flash lights.

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