Nature Camps

The Forest Department, Haryana has commissioned Eco-Tourism nature camps in the state for the development, protection and conservation of forest, wildlife and environment.
These nature camps are being operated through the Eco-Tourism Society of Haryana.

NATURE CAMP THAPLI: An Eco-Tourism destination in Shivaliks
Located 15 kms uphill from Panchkula city in the lap of Shivalik hills, amidst serene Morni Forests
Thapli Nature Camp offers the unspoilt, rich bio-diversity abound with variety of flora and avi-fauna
It boasts of 15 cottages set up amidst tree trunks on hilly undulations on the pattern of Swiss Cottages.
Other facilities are Dining, Conference cum Interpretation Centre, Mini Library and Vedic Spa.

The Morni Fort is a modest stone masonry structure built sometime in the 17th Century atop the Morni hill at a height of about 1200 metres.
Historical References: The fort finds a mention in the correspondence of British officers at the time of the Gurkha Wars 1814-1816. The fort was captured by the Gurkhas and was held by the Gurkha commander Gouree Sah until its surrender in 1815.
The fort was in a state of ruin when the Haryana Forest Department took over its possession in 1977 from the Mirs of Morni. The bastion in the south-west had collapsed.
The fort was thereafter extensively renovated and restored to its original look in 2009. Care was taken during the restoration to use the same materials for the masonry works like lime powder and fly ash as were used in the original construction.
A couple of modern rooms have been added inside the fort for tourists.

This nature camp is situated in the the Herbal Nature Park at Chuharpur Reserved Forest near Khijrabad on Bhud Kalan road in Yamuna Nagar district. This Herbal Nature Park is dedicated to Late Ch. Devi Lal Ex. Dy. Prime Minister, of India.
A demonstrative herbal garden near the entrance has been made which displays more than 300 varieties of different medicinal plants on aesthetically designed herbal beds.
Facilities include Log huts along the lake, Boating, Dining, Conference cum Interpretation Centre and Mini Library
Ban Santaur is a protected forest area in Yamuna Nagar district very close to the Sal Forest of Kalesar and Kalesar Wildlife Sanctuary.
This area is undulating and is a natural home of elephants. An Elephant Rehabilitation and Research Centre has been set up at Ban Santaur over an area of 50 acres. The centre is first of its kind in the country and unlike zoo it serves as a natural habitat to the elephants.
This camp has six cottages and one tree house, dining, interpretation cum conference centre. It boasts of raw jungle, amazing bird life, butterflies and more bio-diversity – truly a nature lovers paradise..
It offers an alternative to the standard hotel sterotype with its rustic ambience.
The Kalesar Nature Camp with tenting platforms is situated in the pristine Kalesar Forest. The forest is situated on the foot of Shivalik range of Himalaya and is full of biodiversity. It is named after the Kaleshwar (Shiva) temple located in protected area. The Kalesar Forest was originally the joint property of Queen of Bilaspur and the Pathan of Khizrabad.
It is full of biodiversity and has lot of significant in terms of the region’s ecological stability. The park is very important in conservation of highly threatened animals like tiger and elephant.
In Haryana it is the only National Park having good natural forest supporting a large bio-diversity and it has therefore got a special significance in terms of conservation, education, tourism and research opportunities.
Tariff – Rs. 1900/- + taxes per night twin sharing basis
2 Night / 3 Days – Rs. 3100/-
3 Night / 4 Days – Rs. 4300/-

“Non-Forestry activities are totally prohibited at the camp sites managed by Eco-Tourism Society of Haryana”

It is best that you become more familiar with each of them.

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