Conservation Initiatives


Energy Management
ESOH has implemented usage of Solar Lights and Solar water heaters at the Nature Camps to conserve energy. The other lights are LED lights for energy management.

Waste Management
The kitchen waste is used for making fertiliser which is further utilised for the plantation in the Nature Camps.

Water Conservation
Drip and Sprinkler systems are implemented for maintaining the green patches at the Nature Camps.

Conservation Education
Enhancing the conservation and protection of biodiversity through comprehensive information and education programs.

Monitoring and Control
Institutionalising of appropriate monitoring and control system for the management of biological diversity and tourism activities.
Implementation of biodiversity conservation and ecotourism framework plan
Increase in biodiversity in farming, agro-forestry and forest program.
Establishment of wildlife corridors to connect forest fragments to similar ecosystems
Enactment of provincial, municipal and village legislation to support biodiversity conservation.

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