ESOH – Governing Body
i. Forest Minister of Haryana President
ii. Additional Chief Secretary/ Pr. Secretary, Forest Department, Government of Haryana Vice President
iii. Principal Secretary & Financial Commissioner Tourism Department Government of Haryana Member
iv. Principal Chief Conservator of Forests, Officer Haryana Chief Executive (CEO)
v. Divisional Commissioners (Ambala & Gurgaon) Members
vi. Addl. PCCF (Wildlife), Haryana Member
vii. Addl. PCCF (Forestry), Haryana Member
viii. Eminent personalities as nominated by GB (for tenure of one year)

1.Padamshree Shri Nek Chand, Creator of Rock Garden, Chandigarh

2. Shri Ajoy Bhattacharya, EX CEO Madhya Pradesh Eco-Tourism Development Board

ix. Prestigious organisations as nominated by GB (for tenure of one year)

1.Registrar, Wildlife Institute of India, Dehradun

2.Director or a representative, Indian Institute of Ecology and Environment, New Delhi

3. Principal, State Institute of Hotel Management, Kurukshetra

x. Conservator of Forests (FC) Member
xi. Conservator in charge Eco-Tourism Secretary Member
ESOH – Executive Body
i. Additional Chief Secretary / Pr. Secretary/
Financial Commissioner, Forest Dept. Haryana
ii. PCCF Vice Chairman
iii. MD, Haryana Forest Development Corporation Member
iv. APCCF (Forestry) Member
v. APCCF (Wildlife) Member
vi. APCCF (Prodn.) Member
vii. Director General, Tourism or his representative Member
viii. Director General, Panchayat Department Or his representative Member
ix. DC Panchkula/Yamuna Ngr./Gurgaon/Rewari Or respective district or their representative Member
x. Representative of V.F.Cs Member
xi. Representative of concerned Panchayat Member
xii. DFO Eco-Tourism Member
xiii. CF In charge Eco-Tourism Secretary Member

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