Aims and Objectives of ESOH

The Eco-Tourism Society of Haryana (ESOH) is an autonomous and independent body with the main aim to develop, preserve and protect the natural resources (flora & fauna) and historical, cultural heritage of the State. It shall work for sustainable development of forest and wildlife by using participatory forestry management through ecotourism activities. The society works in joint ventures or partnership between the State (Forest Department, Tourism Department and other related Departments) and local communities, Village Forest Committees (VFCs), NGOs, Academic Institutions and Private Enterprises / businesses. Objectives of Ecotourism Society of Haryana.

The following are the objectives of the Society:

  • To render services to the Nation in the field of environmental awareness, creating awareness for development and protection of flora and fauna, increase in forest cover and creation of ecotourism camp sites for this purpose.

  • To provide training to the general public of surrounding areas near camps in the field of various activities related to ecotourism engaged in creating awareness for protection of forests from fires, plantation techniques and protection of wildlife.

  • To establish and maintain properties, destinations, recreation & knowledge centers etc.

  • To organise seminars, public lectures, workshops, training programmes and discourses on all types of Educational, social, forest, wildlife and environment conservation either directly or in collaboration with local, national and international organisations for the betterment of natural resources of the area.

  • To provide academically, professionally focused and nature friendly environment.

  • To bring about a positive change and development in the society through ecotourism along with other kinds of technical and non-technical education in field of management of natural resources like forest and wildlife.

  • To impart quality training in the field of forest and wildlife education through short and long term stay at nature camps by site seeing and tour to forest areas.

  • To act as resource centre on matters related to all types of ecotourism in India and abroad.

  • To provide travel facilities / grants to participate into international festivals, seminars, workshops and conferences related to ecotourism, forestry and wildlife sector.

  • To create centres of excellence for ecotourism of emerging trends in the country.

  • To develop content of ecotourism curriculum, training and policy research aiming at enhancement of knowledge for the benefit of all participants in the field of forest, wildlife, biodiversity, environment conservation, etc.

  • To interface with leading ecotourism institutes for knowledge sharing on dynamic on-going basis and engage in research, acquisition and dissemination of related knowledge, not only for the development but also in making it available for the benefit of the society as well as policy making organisations.

  • To organise training programmes of related to the objectives for various categories of personnel, both for the internal staff and for others.

  • To evolve strategies for the development and the efficient use of the nature camps, Forest Rest Houses, Forest Inspection Huts and other relevant infrastructure (camping sites, forest trails, film shooting grounds, etc.)

  • To create and or maintain such assets as felt necessary and to ensure that the private entrepreneur works effectively through the society. All efforts would be taken to ensure that all agencies – public, private and government cohere and create required synergy to deliver the composite ecotourism product. Both the circuit and scheme approach would be followed so that people’s participation through Panchayats, V.F.C.s, local bodies, NGOs and Youth Organisations create a greater awareness of tourism.

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