About ESOH

Aims and Objectives of ESOH

The Eco-Tourism Society of Haryana (ESOH) is an autonomous and independent body with the main aim to develop, preserve and protect the natural resources (flora & fauna) and historical, cultural heritage of the State. It shall work for sustainable development of forest and wildlife by using participatory forestry management through ecotourism activities. The society works in joint ventures or partnership between the State (Forest Department, Tourism Department and other related Departments) and local communities, Village Forest Committees (VFCs), NGOs, Academic Institutions and Private Enterprises / businesses. Objectives of Ecotourism Society of Haryana.

Geo-Bio-Cultural Diversity of Haryana

Geography: The state of Haryana which was found November 1, 1966 has a total area of17,070 sq miles or 44,212 km2 which makes it the 20th biggest state in India by area. As laid down by the census performed in 2011, the population of the state is 25,353,081, making it the 16th most populated state in India. The density of population in Haryana is 1,485.212/sq miles or 573.443/km2. Haryana is a non-coastal, interior state. It is located at an altitude of 200 meters to 1200 meters or 700-3600 feet over sea surface.

Geographically, the state can be divided into the following regions:

• The Shivalik mountain range in the northeast

• The Yamuna-Ghaggar basin, creating the biggest portion of the state


ESOH – Governing Body
i. Forest Minister of Haryana President
ii. Additional Chief Secretary/ Pr. Secretary, Forest Department, Government of Haryana Vice President

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